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National Black Cat Day is celebrated on November 17 to highlight what awesome cats black cats really are, and also to try and help to dispel the myths and nonsense that continue to circulate around them.

The biggest problem with black cats is their association...

owa entertainment complex

Owa, which is a Creek word meaning "big water" is a 520-acre project located at the corner of Foley Beach Express and Baldwin County Road 20 and will include shopping, lodging and theme park. 

Make your plans with Gulf Shores Rentals today and join 250,000 others at this years 45th Annual National Shrimp Festival. The event is FREE to everyone and is held at the public beach access in Gulf Shores where Highway 59 end and intersects with Highway 182.

It is typical to gain properties in the late fall, but this year Gulf Shores Rentals has added several new vacation rental properties early in the season.