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20 Mar 2015
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I have found myself in recent years looking to rediscover who I really am and what better way to do that as a music lover than experience a music festival in my own backyard? The Hangout Fest did not disappoint! I was able to see so many awesome acts and meet some pretty interesting people along the way. 2015 looks to be another awesome line up and I can't wait for May to get here.                                                                         

I've come up with a few helpful hints I wish someone would have let me in on: 

1. You can bring a small bag into the venue. 

2. In said bag; pack toilet paper, an empty water bottle, sunscreen and cash. 

3. Never take your wristband off. 

4. Plan out your must-see shows for optimal viewing placement. You don't want to be standing behind a sea of people for that one band you've been dying to see.

5. If wild horses couldn't keep you from attending the Hangout Music Festival next year, make a reservation as soon as humanly possible.

The closest properties we have to the festival site are: