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6 Apr 2023
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Prepare for an epic beach extravaganza at the legendary Interstate Mullet Toss & Gulf Coast's Greatest Beach Party!

The Interstate Mullet Toss & Gulf Coast's Greatest Beach Party is a renowned event held at the Flora-Bama, a famous beachfront bar and entertainment venue located on the border of Florida and Alabama.

The Greatest Beach Party on the Gulf Coast

It started as a fun reason to celebrate and has grown into one of the largest beach parties on the coast. During the event, participants compete in tossing a dead mullet fish across the state line to see who can throw it the farthest. People from all over the world gather to witness this unique and exciting spectacle, and accommodations for the event are often booked well in advance. It has become a must-attend experience, where memories are made and shared among attendees.

Start Planning Your Getaway to the Gulf Shores

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