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18 Aug 2017
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After  nearly two-years of planning and months of development, a first-time business in Baldwin County is now open.

 What separates the new, “Wahoo Plaza” on the Foley Beach Expressway from other highway stops, is it’s the first travel plaza in the county and it sits right in the median of the highway.

The project was announced in September of 2015 by the city of Gulf Shores.

The development has a convenience store and a Shell gas station with 24 pumps.

Store clerks say it’s open from 4:30am seven days of the week, closes at 11:00pm on weekdays and is open till 12:00am on Saturdays and Sundays.

While many out of state cars can be seen stopping by for a quick snack and some gas, Gulf Coast residents are just as thrilled to have this place open.

One Elberta resident says he’s been here 5 times in the last week. “It’s actually fantastic cause it’s on my way to work every day. It definitely makes it easier on my commute every day so yea, I’m super stoked about it. I get gas, drinks, food. I love their chicken here, it’s pretty great,” says Jered Canceleno.

Employees say the place has had good business since it opened on August 7th.

Not all of the available land on the median has been developed and it’s still looking for businesses to fill the space.