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23 Sep 2015
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I know what you are thinking: fall is the time of pumpkin spice, leaves changing, school starting, football and countless festivals and 5k events. So where in all that is there time to even think about the beach? I mean, heaven forbid we consider that one last beach weekend when there is so much to do and see elsewhere and plus that, we only "do" the beach in the spring and summer.  

Well my friends, let me ease your mind about Gulf Shores and Orange Beach... Not only do we still have beautiful beach weather, we also have Starbucks for your pumpkin spice latte needs, The Shrimp Festival in October, Oyster Cook Off in November as well as the Blue Angel Homecoming Weekend. I'm leaving out a few events (you can catch them in our Events area) but you get the idea and if you are like me, there is always a need for some Vitamin Sea and Sun. 

If that weren't enough to motivate you to get down here I'll let you in on a little secret: Fall rates are the lowest of all the "beach weather" rate periods plus, we offer great free night deals on most properties AND you will have your pick of beautiful condos, a lot of which have nice large TV's for your football viewing pleasure. 

So there, you have no reason not to get that one last sun worshiping session before you over indulge during the holidays. See you soon!