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26 Oct 2017
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Local Recommendations

Having resided in Orange Beach for 15 years and now south Foley for 2 years, we are seasoned locals when it comes to testing our taste buds at the plethora of dining choices you can experience along the Gulf Coast. From New Orleans to Pensacola, there is an array of restaurants that have great cuisines coupled with breathtaking views and amazing ambiences. Living on the Alabama Gulf Coast not only do you have an abundance of dining options but you have a lot of company to share these restaurant experiences with.

We have a longtime friend from North Alabama that visits quite frequently and their favorite place to go every time they visit is Shipp’s Harbour Grill located at Sportman’s Marina.  You can imagine their surprise when when they learned Shipp's Harbour Grill had a fire and then announced they would not be reopening. Shipp's Harbour Grill is an excellent restaurant with amazing views and hospitality. For 8 years, this area has enjoyed and kept Shipp's Harbour Grill a busy place. It brings great sadness to many locals and many of the tourists that visit this area.

However, on Oct. 13, the Fisher’s team announced they had purchased Shipp’s Harbour Grill. Fisher’s at Orange Beach Marina already has two great restaurants, so it’s very exciting to hear that they are opening another restaurant at the Shipp’s Harbour Grill location at Sportsman’s Marina. On top of that, we have also been told Shipp’s Harbour will be sharing some of their menu items with Fisher’s, including the famous Grouper Pontchartrain. 

Matt and Regina Shipp will be truly missed, but there are many of us that are very delighted that another great restaurant will be at the incredible location at Sportsman’s Marina.