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seashells in sand
1 Aug 2018
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Shell hunting on the beaches of Coastal Alabama is always an adventure! You never know what your treasure of the day will be. The tropical weather here along the Gulf Coast influences the location, type, and volume of seashells you will find. You can go to the same beach over and over, finding a wide assortment of bounty.

Depending on where the storm originates (from the east or from the west), the results can be amazing. After a tropical storm, you often see much larger sizes of seashells along the shore... making a very fine adventure!

Many travelers that visit the Gulf Shores/Orange Beach area like to get out early in the morning to see what the night has deposited. Your finds may vary depending on where you search along our beautiful 32-mile shoreline of sugar white sands. Always take a look around overpasses, piers or bridges, as well as in the large sand piles where the city has cleared areas overnight.

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