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21 Oct 2020
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The 2020/21 school year has been, and will likely continue to be, tough. We, at Gulf Shores Rentals, want you to know we're in this together and feel for our fellow American families going through tough times. However, there may be a silver lining to this whole "working and learning from home" debacle. If you’re in a situation where you are able to learn (and work) remotely, we welcome you to consider joining us along the Alabama Gulf this fall and winter. 

Unsure about traveling right now? We understand, but it's important to note that vacation rentals have remained popular accommodation throughout this unusual travel period. You, the guest, are in control of your own surroundings. Vacation rentals are typically more spacious than a hotel option, and you can enjoy homey comforts, much like those of your own home. The only difference? Your backyard is the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.

Tips for Remote Learning and Working in Gulf Shores

Right about now, you're probably thinking "yeah right, like I can plan a trip on to of everything else I'm juggling." It seems hard but it doesn't have to be and when you're barely keeping your head above water is typically the exact right time for a much-needed break. The local experts at Gulf Shores can help you book and plan all the details of your stay and provide local recommendations for dining and activities.  here to provide some more insight, information, and peace of mind to plan a remote learning and working trip in our area.

Local Historical Ecological Field Trips

Gulf Shores is home to miles of the preserved estuary and coastal forests. Nature tours and ecological attractions that provide children with excellent and unique learning experiences. Organize a field trip or two to one of these sites:

Trusted, Wireless Internet Access

Fast Wi-Fi is the clincher to a successful distance learning and working trip. Your family requires easy access to the internet from your devices. All Gulf Shores Rentals provide high-speed internet access. However, if there are any unforeseen service issues or power outages, a service issue, etc., our nearby property managers are just a quick call and drive away.

Gulf Shores Local School/Office Supplies

If you need school or office supplies at any point, Office Depot, located in Gulf Shores, is a quick drive away and has most of the necessities.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of needing immediate laptop/computer repairs, Tech Solutions comes highly recommended.

Plan Gulfside Lunch Breaks

Easy, hassle-free access to the sun, sand, and surf can help combat some of the stress, anxiety, and depression many are coping with right now. Being in a new environment can jump-start inspiration and a new perspective. Plus, there are new experiences to enjoy and memories to be made. May we suggest a picnic lunch on the beach to break up your work and school day. A little time away from screens is a great way to reset focus. Plus, a morning or evening beach jog for the parents is a great activity for alleviating stress.

Choose a Large Beach Rental

After a stressful spring, summer school, and now fall of way too much time at home, you're probably looking forward to some new walls to look at. While you’re staying in one of our spacious beach rentals, everyone in your tribe has space to spread out to relax and learn at their own speed, indoors or out. 

We invite you to take in the silence (with the exception of soothing waves) with Gulf Shores Rentals. It sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it?

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