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16 Aug 2022
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Plans for the interstate 10 bridge over the Mobile River and improved Baywa will move forward.  The Eastern Shore MPO and Mobile MPO votes to add the $2.7 billion project to the Transportation Improvement Plan.  The votes make the project eligible for federal funding.

Constructioin on the project is scheduled to take about 5 years.  The bridge and Bayway will include a toll to pay some of the costs of the project.  The toll for a passenger vehicle is expected to be $2.50 for one trip, if the vehicle has an ALGO pass.  The pass includes a transponder that allows transportation officials to monitor vehicles using the highway.  A pass can also be purchased that would allow unlimited trips for $40 a month.  Vehicles without an ALGO pass will be charged a higher rate.  The charge for passenger vehicles will be the ALDO rate plu $.150 for each axle.

The bridge will be approximately 8 miles long, giving drivers someease when it comes to thinking about crossing the bay.  The project is scheduled to begine late 2023 and be competed by 2028.

The Causeway, Wallace Tunnel, Bankhead Tunnel and Africatown Bridge will not be tolled under the approved plan.