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9 Feb 2018
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If you are traveling to The Alabama Gulf Coast from the west you are no stranger to the nightmare that is I-10 through Mobile, Alabama. In the summer time it feels like there is no good time to drive that last stretch of interstate. Sure, you could make the drive in the dead of night and beat the heat and traffic but then you realize that leads you to the challenge of trying to check in to your vacation house or condo before the 3pm check in time. It is all worth it in the end when you pull up to your final destination and feel the warm beach sun and breeze kiss your skin. Then you have to go home and you are confronted with the dreaded drive back on The Bayway and through The Wallace Tunnel. It is a daunting task but always worth the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach memories made while on vacation. 

Gulf Shores Rentals Inc has been keeping up with the news about ALDOTs progress with the Mobile River Bridge and Bayway Project  which will give the area much needed relief to the always present traffic crisis. You can also follow ALDOT Mobile Area on Twitter  to stay up to date with the 411 on the traffic situation in the Mobile area. Although the project is only in the very early stages, hope is within site for a stress free drive to your relaxing beach vacation.